Change the Revolution
of Manifestation


· Effortlessly Manifest Your Dreams

· Heal Limiting Beliefts & Ideologies

· Resolve Conflicts

· Solve Planetary Issues


A stronger, magnified Feng Shui was born out of a desire to heighten awareness of self, others and the planet. With over 30 years of experience as an International Feng Shui consultant and author, Gabrielle has dedicated her life to the healing arts.

Our magnified Feng Shui, The Intentional Candle Ceremony, is a mindful, healing practice that blends science and spirituality, drawing from quantum physics, hypnotherapy, biology, positive affirmation and your Higher Power to send focused chi blessings and expressions through the tool of a candle flame, in order to manifest a renovated reality.  This non-denominational, highly successful ritual observes the awareness of Sacred Activism.  

What is Sacred Activism?

Sacred Activism: The practice of focusing the heart force of love and compassion to activate, as well as support, personal, environmental, social and political transformations into reality. 

As Practitioners of The Intentional Candle Ceremony, our Sacred Activism, also known as Molecular Flame Therapyuses the medium of the flame to supply a combination of science and spirituality to effectively influence the concentrated dedication of balance, love, respect, peace and health for self and other, as well as to strengthen the support of any environmental, social, and political issue of choice. Our results, the manifesting of real world changes, far exceed the norm.

Gabrielle collaborates and continues to learn from visionaries, scientists, innovators, creative geniuses, physicians and other students of life. Her teachings inspire and empower dedicated Practitioners from around the world, bettering their lives, the lives of those around them, as well as offering another way towards the authentic healing of our personal and planetary wellness.  

Gratitude to Paul Harvey and Rev. Deborah L. Johnson for the first introduction to the concept of Sacred Activism. They were right. It works.

"With The Intentional Candle Ceremony Practice came deep inner peace after only a few days of burning. This inner peace and calmness radiated toward others, positively affecting family, friends, colleagues and others I do not even know! The Domino Effect of this inner peace and calmness started with me, then went out to the world at large. Phenomenal! A much needed change given the tensions and problems the world is facing now."  

 S.S., New York  

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